Zentangle 12 Day of Christmas

Zentangle headquarters ran a special Christmas challenge this month counting down the days til Christmas and introducing their new 3Z tiles.

12 Days of 3Zs

The challenge consisted of creating a tile, paper or journal page with the tangle of the day.  People from all over the world participated in the challenge and at the end Rick and Maria gave away packages of 3z tiles randomly drawn from all the posted artwork.

You can see all the fabulous entries at #1stdayof3zs, #2nddayof3zs, #3rddayof3zs. #4thdayof3zs, #5thdayof3zs, #6thdayof3zs, #7thdayof3zs, #8thdayof3zs, #9thdayof3zs, #10thdayof3zs, #11thdayof3zs, #12thdayof3zs.

My 12 Days Challenge Entry

Not having any 3Z tiles at hand, I decided to create my challenge entry in my Zentangle Journal.  This is a lovely, high quality, hard bound journal with paper suitable for drawing, pencil crayon colouring, markers and a little bit of watercolour.

Zentangle, Doodle, 12 Days of Christmas, Christmas, Trees, Holiday, Drawing


Day 1, 2, 3 in my Zentangle Journal

The first three days were pretty easy with familiar Tangles that we all like to do.

Zentangle, Doodle, 3Z 12 Days of Christmas, Challenge, Holiday, Art Tiles, Journal

Day one is Tripoli......

Day two is Tripoli and Diva Dance ....

Day three is Tipoli, Diva Dance and Shattuck ...

Day 4, 5 and 6 Journal Page

When I got to the next set of Tangles I decided I needed to add a little drama.  The best way to add drama is to blacken in small sections being sure to balance the dark colour across the art piece.

Zentangle, Doodle, 12 Days of Christmas, 3Z Tiles, Holiday, Christmas

Day four is Marasu......

Day five is Marasu and Tipple (in gold for the "5 gold rings") ....

Day six is Marasu, Tipple and Molygon ...

Day 7, 8 and 9 Journal Page

What do you think of my crazy Pokeleaf?  They look like they came from playing cards to me.

Zentnagle, Doodle, 12 Days of Christmas, Holiday, Christmas, 3z Tiles

Day seven is Knightsbridge......

Day eight is Knightsbridge and Pokeleaf ....

Day nine is Knightsbridge, Pokeleaf and Auraknot ...

Days 10, 11 and 12 Journal Page

And now the final days of the challenge.....

Zentangle, Doodle, 12 Days of Christmas, Holiday, Christmas, 3z tiles

For this page I decided not to draw every Tangle on each tile, but to do a combined effort across the three tiles in my journal.  I tried to link them together with Marasu running through all three tiles.

The final three days of the twelve 3zs of Christmas are Drawings, Icanthis and Huggins ...

A Christmas Zentangle Poem

Throughout the 12 days the Zentangle blog built the words to the familiar song 12 Days of Christmas with new tangled words......

On the last day of 3Zs, Bijou showed me,

huggins hugging hugginsWandering icanthis, Not so boring drawings, Tangled auraknot-ings,

Perky pokeleafs peeking, Dark and naughty knightsbridge, Swirling molygon-ings,

Gold, glowing tipples, Some marasu encircling, Winsome bits of shattuck, Fetching diva dancing,

And a tile full of tripoli!

 Head on over to the  Zentangle bog to see the list of winners and a great mosaic of the tiles created by the Zentangle team.

Until next time, Keep Tangling!