The 100 Day Project

Its interesting how there can be an amazing global art event and somehow only a small portion of the population hears about it. At the end of March, I saw a post on Instagram from someone saying they were going to take part in the #the100dayproject. I checked the link she posted to learn that it is an effort at global art and creative encouragement.

We can all use a little encouragement, right? I dug a little deeper and found one of the groups I follow on Facebook @ZentangleAllAround run by Alice Dean Hendon. was also supporting the 100 day project. Yay! 

Zentangle 12 Day of Christmas

Zentangle headquarters ran a special Christmas challenge this month counting down the days til Christmas and introducing their new 3Z tiles.

The challenge consisted of creating a tile, paper or journal page with the tangle of the day.  People from all over the world participated in the challenge and at the end Rick and Maria gave away packages of 3z tiles randomly drawn from all the posted artwork.

Zentangle - A Love Story

Did you know that the story of Zentangle™ is actually a love story?

It’s about the love of flourishing, flowing calligraphy lines and the love of a simple lifestyle making calming musical tools.  The love of humanity and a desire to help people realize their desire to draw beautiful designs.

Two different views that converged into an amazing method of teaching the average person to draw interesting and seemingly complicated repetitive patterns.