The 100 Day Project

Its interesting how there can be an amazing global art event and somehow only a small portion of the population hears about it. At the end of March, I saw a post on Instagram from someone saying they were going to take part in the #the100dayproject. I checked the link that was posted to learn that it is an effort at global art and creative encouragement.

We can all use a little encouragement, right? I dug a little deeper and found one of the groups I follow on Facebook @ZentangleAllAround run by Alice Dean Hendon is also supporting the 100 day project. Yay! 


Choose an Action

The creators of the 100 day project suggest that we all choose an action - whatever it is that we love doing and want to continue for at least 100 days. Naturally, I chose Zentangle drawing. These days it is what I love to do as a creative outlet. You know from my previous posts that I find it fun and relaxing. It also feeds my creative spirit and has led to all kinds of other art related pursuits.

Get Started April 3rd

The 100 day project officially began on April 3, 2018, but you can jump in at any time and carry on for as long as you desire. There are no rules - just lots of encouragement from The 100 Day Collective (newsletter from #the100dayproject) and of course Alice at @ZentangleAllAround. 

I created little handmade book with 100 pages for my Zentangle drawing.

I created little handmade book with 100 pages for my Zentangle drawing.

Post Your Work

Yes, post your work!  Don't be shy! One of the benefits of participating and posting your work is all the encouragement and kind comments that you will receive from like-minded artists.

  • On Instagram, use the tag #the100dayproject.  There is also #the100daysproject, #the100dayproject2018 and #zentangleallaround. I am posting all my projects to #100daysNancyD.
  • On Facebook, do like and follow @ZentangleAllAround.  Once accepted, post your work and you will receive loving comments and encouragement from Alice and many others, not to mention all the likes and hearts.
  • Blog posts and other social media outlets - post wherever you normally share your work.
Day one drawing - Flux and Diva Dance

Day one drawing - Flux and Diva Dance

Keep Going

Please don't give up!  If you miss a day - no problem, just pick up and do something the next day.  Any art you create will be wonderful!

I'll be back in a few weeks to show you more of what I have been creating.

Stay tuned and keep creating!