5 Steps to Growing Your Zentangle Art Skills

One of the most important things to do to keep your Zentangle™ art skills growing is to get inspiration and new ideas from a variety of sources. 

A tangle from the 100 Days Project

A tangle from the 100 Days Project

1. Daily Practise

Practising daily and taking classes from Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) is the best method of growing and learning.  Personally, I participate in tangle challenges and keep a tangle journal.  My supplies are always close so that I can tangle whenever the mood strikes or if I want to try out a new tangle idea. 

Friendship Tangle

Friendship Tangle

I also tend to tangle while hubby is watching TV, so I keep special lighting by my chair with all my supplies within arms reach.

2. Find a Local CZT

In the past, I advanced my knowledge of the Zentangle™ method by taking classes from my local CZT.  She had amazing ideas for new projects and I learnt special techniques to grow my art skills.  Of course, then I decided to become a CZT myself.  You can find an instructor in your area at Zentangle.com.

3. Attend Zentangle™ and Related Art Retreats

I love attending Zentangle™ retreats!!!! At retreats and workshops you have the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas, as well as learn new techniques and skills from experienced instructors. 

Personally, I have attended TangleU which is especially designed to advance the skills and future classes of CZTs.  I also attended Sharla Hicks Botantical Retreat last September in Big Bear California.  It was an amazing experience and I learned so much to advance my skills.  Check out the link above to see when Sharla's next retreat or class is scheduled.

Eni Oken and Jan Brandt, photo taken by Dorian Eng at TangleU 2018

Eni Oken and Jan Brandt, photo taken by Dorian Eng at TangleU 2018


Tangle Island

Have you ever heard of the Tangle Island Retreat in June?  This is a weekend workshop that I sponsor (with my Zentangle partner, Jerryann Haggart) in Parksville, BC Canada.  Two full days of instruction, special projects and fun! Check out our website for upcoming events and next year's workshop dates.   I love to refer to our retreat as: 

A Zentangle retreat on Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwest, on the edge of a rainforest, within view of snow-capped mountains, overlooking a spectacular sandy beach, learning, meeting and sharing with other Zenthusiasts.
— Nancy Dawes and the TI Team
Tangle Island Workshop 2016

Tangle Island Workshop 2016

Rocky Mountain Zentangle™ Retreat

I am very excited to be teaching at the Rocky Mountain Zentangle Retreat this September in Colorado Springs, CO USA.  My class focuses on working with blue pens and pencils on a Whilte Zentangle™ Opus tile as well as Stonehenge tan paper.  

There are three other instructors (Sharla Hicks, Beckah Krahula and Deb Prewitt) with intermediate and advanced techniques that you can use with your Zentangle practise. Check out the information about this wonderful retreat. It's not too late to sign up!!!!

4. Pinterest for Idea Generation

I spend way too much time looking at Pinterest, but it is helpful to see how others use a particular tangle, and to get project and color ideas.  Check out my boards - I set them up to specifically assist your idea generation.


5. Zentangle Facebook Groups

One of my favoite Zentangle™ Facebook groups is the Square One™ series of groups.  I find they are a special space to share my art, and receive lots of love and kind words from fellow Zentangle™ artists! Chirs Titus and her Admins make sure that everyone follows the rules and as a result these groups are safe places to share.  Check out all these sites and ask to join the ones that attract your interest.

There are many other great Facebook groups to enjoy.  The Square One™ series is just one type of group where you will find a kind and wonderful Zentangle community.

Example of Purely Black Zentangle tiles

Example of Purely Black Zentangle tiles

Take Time to Grow Your Skill

Be patient with yourself and please do not compare your art to others.  We are all on our own unique journey and it takes time to develop your skills. Take the time to explore these five steps to growing your Zentangle art.

Well that's it for now.  Keep practising and check out all the great resources identified in this article put together just for you!