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Since this is the very first blog post for a new site, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself and let you all know more about me as a person and artist.

It all started long, long ago in a galaxy .....

Zentangle Galaxy

Oh wait, that's a different story!


How many of you attempted to draw in school and quickly realised that you sucked at it?  

Well, me too! I did not have an artist's way of seeing the world.  Instead of full bodied figures, mine were stick-like with no features. Instead of beautiful flowing lines, mine were barely arced and shaky. Instead of nicely curved, even connecting circles, mine didn't even connect and were more oval than round.  

I lived most of my life wishing I could draw like my artsy friends, but hiding or ripping up drawings because they were not good enough to share. I was disappointed with my lack of  artistic ability and easily turned to my logical, task oriented side.

Zentangle® Drawing

Zentangle® changed all that for me!

I finally started searching for drawing programs because I deeply felt a desire and need to draw in a way that brought me satisfaction and fulfilment as an person who wanted to be an artist. Taking my first class from a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT) was a major turning point and has led me on a wonderful and exciting artistic path. A path that I never dreamt possible.

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas started the Zentangle® program with me in mind!

They designed an easy to follow, step by step process that anyone can use to make beautiful designs.

  • All intimidation is removed by using a small drawing surface (3 1/2 inches square)with lightly defined sections.  
  • Just 5 strokes are needed to make interesting repetitive patterns.  
  • A little shading, without worrying about a light source, adds dimension and makes designs come alive.
  • Appreciation for using quality products aids in valuing the finished piece as a work of art. 

Artistry Beginnings

Taking those first Zentangle® classes opened up a new world and helped me gain new artistic confidence.  I suddenly realised that I CAN draw - I just need to be trained.  My hidden artist eyes were opened to a world I always wanted to be a part of but needed assistance to find my way.  

Thanks to my first instructor (Barb Round, CZT 10), I have expanded my art interests into fancy lettering, watercolour, journalling and mixed media creations. 

I have more control over my lines and can make them go in any direction I desire.  I can actually close my circles and they are mostly round!  I have even drawn a reasonable looking face with lots of features and sparkling eyes!

Zentangle, Doodle, Fescu, Printemps

Becoming and Instructor

I have always believed in helping people reach their full potential.  I feel most fulfilled when I am helping, teaching and mentoring. 

After realising that Zentangle® was unlocking my hidden artist I found that I could not resist the urge to help others find and develop their artistic talents. In the fall of 2013, I took a giant step towards my goal to learn to draw and travelled to Road Island to take my certification from Rick and Maria, the founders of the Zentangle drawing method.

You can now find me in the studio, at local Scrapbook and art stores, or at North Island College teaching Zentangle classes. It is my privilege to guide students like yourself through the easy to follow Zentangle process.

Zentangle, Doodling, Mooka, Crescent Moon, Nzepple, Printempts

My Other Credentials

  • BSc Computer Science
  • Over 40 years as a Business Analyst in government and private business
  • Certified Adult Instructor, 2006
  • Soon to be Certified Art Therapist (2017)
  • Copic certified at Intermediate level
  • Craft blogger since 2011 - check out my craft blog
  • Web challenge owner for three years specialising in Stampscapes images.
  • Product design team member for five different online companies
  • Certified Zentangle Teacher, class 13, November 2013 - super lucky!

Next Steps

Be on the lookout for a Certified Zentangle Teacher in your area.  You can check out for a list of CZTs around the world.

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I will post regularly about the Zentangle® process, new patterns, tips and techniques, book reviews, CZT interviews, project tutorials, classes and much more.

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